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With increased pollution, reduction of nutrition in the diet, and cuts in the sleep cycle, people not only in Rohini region of Delhi but almost everywhere in India are observing an increase in skin problems. But since Delhi’s major population lives here in Rohini, the region has attracted and inspired many of the best dermatologists(and other doctors also) of Delhi, India to open clinics and hospitals here to serve people.

But before you visit the doctors, you should examine, inspect and analyze the overall effects of your skin disease that include-

inspect your skin before going to doctor
Inspect your sin before going to dermatologist

1. all the areas affected,

2. time and situation when it starts causing trouble,

3. since when have you been observing the issue,

4. how is it affecting your normal and work-life,

5. any product in the home that is most likely to cause this disease,

6. lotions or creams prescribed by the last dermatologist you visited in Rohini, Delhi.

Also, identify your skin disease or problem before getting treatment from best dermatologist. Nowadays-

1. Acne

2. Sores

3. Eczema

4. Vitiligo

5. Chickenpox

6. Ring Worm

7. Dermatitis

are the common problems amongst many more.

Also, we have certain questions for you that you should take with yourself for a better understanding of the disease/problem and the solutions given by the best dermatologist.

5 Questions to ask the dermatologist in Rohini, Delhi for effective treatment

Asking the questions leniently has always been the habit of learners and knowledgeable people. Asking correct and legitimate questions sometimes builds a strong bond between a patient and a doctor.

The questions with patient in case of a dermatologist must be:

Q1. What is the root cause of the problem?

Many times, due to the worries and panics, we forget to ask the doctor about the origin of the disease.

verify the root cause of skin disease
Verify the root cause of the skin disease

1. It is true that smart treatment is possible only when the patient and the doctors both are literate about the problems of the patient.

2. But in most cases, the patient is left uneducated by the doctor regarding his/her problem. So, you should ask them clear questions regarding the root cause of your skin disease.

3. This will help you in analyzing your lifestyle and finding out the culprit habits that caused the problem.

4. Ultimately, you then get passionate to change or dispose of the habits/ingredients that are causes of the disease.

Q2. My skin disease is acute or chronic?

Acute disease’s treatment ends in less time and Chronic diseases take longer time to cure. Hence, it matters…

Financing of treatment is also important
Financing of treatment should be planned before treatment begins.

1. If finances are important to you, you should ask the doctor well, before the initiation of the course, about the time duration of treatment.

2. The duration of treatment also keeps you serious throughout the course of medication/treatment and motivates you to have control over your diet, and continue timely intake of medication.

3. This keeps your mental state tension free and you are able to decide whether to continue treatment with that dermatologist or not.

Q3. What are the changes in diet/habit we should bring?

Most of the time, the doctor himself/herself answers us without asking. But there can be a case where the doctor is not fully aware of the diet and habits of the patient.

Reveal your habits to the doctor
Revealing about the habits to the doctor helps in treatment

1. Always tell the doctor, the truth about your life, habits, and diet because this helps in best and accurate examination of you by the dermatologist so that best medication/treatment can be given.

2. The dermatologist is the one who can explain to you the importance of the changes in your diet, the lifestyle which can help you in curing your disease before the expected time.

3. Also, discuss with the dermatologist about the foods that may have caused the issue or have deteriorated it many times, according to you.

4. What food items to avoid in the course, their best replacements, and when to start taking them back in the diet? These are also must ask questions on the list.

Q4. Are sunlight, city traffic, and pollution harmful for the concerned skin disease?

Pollution, intense UV radiations of sun and heat from automobiles in traffic are the major causes of most of the skin diseases.

heat rashes worsen in heat
Heat rashes worsen in heat from sun and traffic.

1. They may be the reason for skin burns, abnormal growths and many kinds of allergies.

2. So if you have a rare case where the dermatologist forgot to mention their influence to your disease, then it is your important duty to confirm whether those two villains have any influence on your disease or not.

3. And what can be the time limit for being in the sunlight if it is part of our work life?

Q5. Staying in Air Conditioner is safe or not?

Most of the skin problems can be cured when we live in a cool environment.

Air conditioning can harm your body
Air conditioning can be harmful for skin when we keep on changing rooms with different temperature.

1. But when the city temperature is high and your room temperature is low and you keep on changing the rooms, then it can be destructive for your skin.

2. So, you should consult your doctor regarding the minimum temperature of the room for best treatment.

Q6. Can you replace the prescribed medicated lotions or creams with the lotion or cream you already have in your home?

Treatments many times involve money wastage in a case when we already have the medicated lotions, moisturizers, or creams that are prescribed by the doctor at home in the form of some other brand product.

skin care products by doctor
Skin care products prescribed by the doctor can be already with you at home!

So, we should show the doctor what all products we are already using for skincare. This simplifies the work of the doctor, and then he may also extend more of their knowledge to you.

Be cautious from improper medication and have faith in the doctor.

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