Treat your Brittle Nails with Sea Buckthorn

brittle nails causes and sea buckthorn solution

Sea Buckthorn is a rare berry that potentially contains complete nutrition to help you out in treating your brittle nails. The x-factor here is that you get all the nutrients together in this miracle berry. This blog explains how do our nails get brittle and how sea buckthorn’s nutrition can aid the recovery of your nails.

Five causes of Brittle Nails

five causes of brittle nails

It is not rare to have the problem of brittle nails these days. The ignorance of our health keeps on creating some abnormalities in our body that are reflected in our nails in some way. So, here are the health problems that are reflected by brittle nails:

  1. Calcium, Iron, or Zinc Deficiency:

    mineral deficiency make brittle nails

    -Minerals are the fundamental building blocks of the cells, the bricks of our body.

    -Calcium, Iron, and Zinc help in the production of the epidermal cell layer on the nail bed that is pushed forward for growth.

    -Deficiency in the minerals like Iron(in case of Anemia), Calcium, and Zinc make the reproduction of cells hard which leads to discoloration, white spots, and brittle nails.

  2. Lack of vitamins:

    vitamin b, a, d, c deficiency causes brittle nails

    -Vitamins, as the name suggests vital-amines, are a class of nutrients similar to Minerals where they take part in the production of new cells and in some reactions specific to them.

    -Vitamins also control the activity of metabolic reactions that are solely responsible for the survival of a living entity.

    -Lack of Vitamin A, B-complexes, C, and D affects the metabolism, and hence the protein production that facilitates the formation of new tissues.

  3. Lack of Omega acids:

    omega 3 6 7 9 acids deficiency casue dryness and brittle nails

    -Majorly Omega 3 acid is believed to keep the skin healthy and hydrated.

    -Their absence leads to dryness, dehydration, and tearing of the skin tissues(around the nails also).

  4. Hypothyroidism:

    sea buckthorn prevents hypothyroidism

    -It is a state of your body when your body’s metabolism gets slowed down due to the low production of thyroxin hormone.

    -It results in a lower rate of production of new cells that leads to the tear up of tissues in many regions of your body.

    -Consequently, the nails start getting thinner and weaker that ultimately makes them brittle after some time.

  5. Menopause(in females):

    sea buckthorn prevents the side problems of menopause

    -Menopause leads to a lowering in the level of estrogen hormone that causes dryness around the nails.

    -The dry nails harden to get brittle and worsen to even break.

Natural Remedy Sea Buckthorn for treating Brittle Nails

  1. Contains essential minerals too:

    seaa buckthorn contains calcium iron zinc like essential minerals

    -Sea Buckthorn berry is also rich in minerals like Calcium, Iron, and Zinc helping us in filling the deficiencies in our body.

    -These minerals carry out healthy metabolic reactions and reproduction of cells helping the nail bed in producing strong and good quality nail cells.

    -These minerals also facilitate the transportation of other bio-compounds like oxygen, growth hormones, carbon dioxide, etc. along with the blood to different regions in our body.

  2. Rich in Vitamin A, B complexes(Biotin), C, and D:

    sea buckthorn has important vitamins a, b, biotin, d, c

    -The berry is known to eliminate the deficiencies of vitamins mentioned above and is leading amongst its peers in terms of the quantity contained by them.

    -This helps in producing healthy skin cells and beautiful nails.

    -The berry also provides Biotin(Vitamin B6), which is converted to the keratin(the protein of hair and nails) in our body for proper growth of the later.

    -This also helps in completing the metabolic reactions for the production of new cells, etc.

  3. Comprising of 18 types of amino acids (also called proteins)

    sea buckthorn has abudant proteins to activate metabolism

    it can potentially fulfill the protein requirement to a large extent.

    -The proteins control the metabolic reactions that are necessary for the production of energy, hormones, and new cells.

    -These proteins help in binding various tissues together that helps in the transfer of moisture and nutrients, and ultimately strengthening the tissues that keep the skin hydrated.

  4. Rich source of Omega 3, 6, and 9:

    sea buckthorn is rich in omega 3 6 7 9

    -Whatever omega acid do you want, you just name it. These berries have all of them in abundance and can fill empty spaces of omega acids in our body. It is a rare case that they also have omega 7.

    -This helps in keeping the skin hydrated and soft.

    -It also suppresses the inflammation of the skin and nail cells and helps in the fast healing of tissues.

Including Sea buckthorn in your diet with the motive of enhancing the nutrition will pay you a good return after some time. No one should ignore the signs shown by our bodies. The body signs like brittle nails are an appeal to us by our body to provide it sufficient nutrition for its survival. And we tried our best to explain the benefits of Sea Buckthorn nutrition in treating brittle nails through this blog.

Sea Buckthorn berry, being a part of the vegetation of Cold Desserts with the least pollution throughout the world, comes to our rescue in a condition when literally no one can afford pure nutrition easily. 

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