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Just like other diseases, Diabetes also arises in a body with age when certain nutrients are deficient in a body resulting in overall weakness and poor immunity which turns against the wellness of the body. This page will help you understand how the diet of complete nutrition can bring back the hope of controlling Diabetes.

Defining ‘diabetes’ In Easiest Words

WHO recognizes 14th November as World Diabetes Day

Diabetes is a body condition in which the net Insulin released by the pancreas is in indefinite proportion to the glucose/sugars in the body blood and as a result, the blood sugar level changes indefinitely. It is a body defect also called a disease due to the many uneasiness caused by it.

Diabetes is one of the emerging health problems in 2020. The old term for Diabetes is Diabetes Mellitus, which is found in old English, Greek, and Latin literature, which means the problem of sweet urine.

Insulin: The bridge between Glucose and body cells.

Insulin is a hormone secreted by Beta cells in the organ Pancreas into the blood vessels.

pancreas and digestive system
Pancreas lies wrapped with Stomach

Its essential work during digestion is as follows:

  1. As the food is ingested into the stomach, the gastric juice breaks it into fine particles in the acidic environment. The food is then passed to the small intestine where the bile juice and intestine secretions act in the basic environment and break the food into the molecular level, such that the nutrients like glucose, minerals like iron, zinc all are absorbed into the linings of the intestine and passed to the blood.

  2. Next, the Blood and its role is to provide essential supplies to every cell of the body from top to bottom. The blood supplies Oxygen, Glucose; minerals like Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Magnesium, Calcium, etc; Vitamins to every cell in the body.

  3. As the blood vessels pass through Pancreas, the Beta cells inside Pancreas located alongside the blood vessels sense the change in glucose level in the blood. As the blood glucose level rises, the beta cells sense it and increase the supply of Insulin into the vessels, and if the blood glucose level falls, then the insulin supply is also decreased.

  4. Insulin is aided with insulin receptors that are above the tissues inside our body, everywhere. These receptors absorb the insulin from the blood and open the gateway for glucose to enter cells, where they are transformed into ATP and used as energy.

  5. Without insulin, the receptors don’t get any command from the brain to open the gateways to the cells in need of glucose and the body cells survive even in the presence of glucose.


Diabetes is categorized into two types on the basis of the reason for the high level of blood sugar:

Type 1 Diabetes Systematic Diagram

TYPE 1: A person is found to have Type 1 diabetes when the net insulin secretion falls due to a defect in the immune system. If the white blood cells, called as the army of the body to fight diseases, find the Beta cells of the pancreas to be foreign bodies and start killing them, then, as a result, fewer beta cells are left with Pancrease to produce insulin and as a result, the insulin produced is less proportionally as compared to the glucose level in the blood. 

Type 2 Diabetes Systematic Diagram

TYPE 2: A person is found to have Type 2 diabetes case when the net insulin secreted by the pancreas is proportionally less as compared to glucose due to all factors other than that in type 1.

  1. Either the pancreas has lost its ability to produce sufficient insulin for glucose in the blood,
  2. The insulin receptors that absorb the insulin have lost their sensitivity, or
  3. Both of the above conditions.

Both types of Diabetes have common symptoms. Check now, if you are having any of these symptoms:

  1. Super thirst
  2. Super hunger
  3. Unexpected weight loss
  4. Low endurance and stamina
  5. Less clear Vision
  6. Recurrent infections
  7. Itching
  8. Frequent Pricking sensation

If these symptoms are ignored and a person, in reality, is having Diabetes defect in the body, then the long term health problems associated with it are:

Diseases caused by ignored diabetes

  1. Diabetic Ketoacidosis
    When the body cells are unable to receive glucose due to the absence of insulin, then the body hormones start breaking the available proteins and fatty acids that produce waste in the form of ketonic compounds. When the level of ketonic compounds in the blood rises to a very high level, it leads to a condition called Diabetic Ketoacidosis which can lead to death or coma.

  2. Hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic syndrome
    When the sugar level continues to remain high in the blood, the Kidneys start filtering them out of the blood, which leads to frequent urination and thirst. For proper functioning of kidneys, the body should remain hydrated. But if the body is dehydrated for a long duration, the kidneys start extracting water out of the body cells which can lead to a condition called Hyperosmolarity, and further, it leads to HHNS which can lead to body cramps or even coma.
  1. Hypoglycemia
    Or Insulin Shock which means that it is a possibility when the oral insulin provides more than a sufficient level of insulin resulting in an extremely low level of glucose in the blood. This leads to improper distribution of glucose which keeps the brain glucose deficient. This can lead to coma, seizures.

  2. Critical Nutrient deficiencies
    Due to excessive and repetitive urination, many water-soluble nutrients like Vitamin B and C, most of the minerals like Iron, Zinc have a high chance of flowing out of the body without getting utilized. This can lead to multiple damages throughout the body, loss of vision, weakness, and more health complications.

Hence, diabetes is a slow killer.

Shocking WHO reports reveal that today,

World Health Organisation

  1. 10% of the world population is diabetic and a quarter of them don’t actually know about it.
  2. Diabetes is the reason for Blindness, Kidney failure and limb amputation,
  3. Every year since 2016, 1.6 million or 16 lakhs of deaths are only because of Diabetes.

It’s high time now, that you start doing a regular check on Blood Sugar Level to plan your diabetes diet.

Regular Check on Blood sugar level can prove to be fruitful not only for you, but for your country, your society, your family as your life is precious to them. Your life matters! Hence, we provide you our observations.

Today, the advancement in technology has led to the creation of portable machines that can help you diagnose and analyze your blood sugar level on the go, anywhere, anytime. Such devices prove to be economical in the long term. With regular analysis, you keep your diet updated and healthy for you and that makes you more efficient as compared to what you could have been without the device.

Glucometer-A device for diabetic patient

100% organic diet for diabetes to allow body improvement.

A healthy diet for proper/complete nutrition of the body and also aid in weight management(loss or maintenance of weight) is probably what you must be looking for to survive when a person is diabetic. We need to understand that the causes of Diabetes are either defects in the immune system, or less efficiency of the pancreas, or less sensitivity of insulin receptors. It is also a possibility that Diabetes is associated with a person’s Blood pressure problems, inadequate sleep, or incomplete nutrition.

Our opinion is that the root cause of the Diabetes problem is improper nutrition and inadequate sleep and we have a healthy organic solution for these problems.

Sea Buckthorn juice can be introduced in the diet

Sea Buckthorn berry is a miraculous berry from cold deserts around the world.

The berry is rich in:

  1. Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K;
    The vitamins play an important role in repairing damaged tissues and cells throughout the body, prevent eye and skin damage and enhance the activeness of the brain which improves memory.

  2. Antioxidants, Flavonoids, and Polyphenols;
    These nutrients absorb the toxins and waste oxygen radicals in our blood and help in eliminating them from Urine, also aid in losing hypertension and help in controlling cholesterol.

  3. Essential Minerals like Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, etc.;
    These minerals are the building blocks of our body, body cells, help in transmitting nerve impulses, prevent memory loss, and also contribute towards white blood cell formation.

  4. Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9;
    They are essential for proper weight management, proper roughage, hydration of skin, repairing of skin cells to avoid itching, activeness of the brain, improves heart functioning and much more.

  5. 18 types of essential and non-essential Amino acids/Proteins.
    These proteins are necessary for well-working metabolism, repair and formation of muscle tissue, hydrated and clean skin, bones and much more.

Since your nutrition is complete, it will start laying the building blocks of better and stronger immunity. A better immunity is possible when you have belief in yourself. Self-belief awakens the subconscious mind to do what is rare or nearly impossible.

But diabetes diet is incomplete without Proper Sleep

Consistent consumption of 100% organic Sea Buckthorn Juice for morning and evening will keep the nutrition complete, that will ensure stronger immunity in the long run.

A sleep where you lie unconscious, is a perfect sleep

Coming to a proper sleep cycle, it is also possible when we start managing our time wisely. Below are some steps that ensure healthy sleep.

  1. Forbid eating sweets and sugars. The basic food already includes enough sugar for body requirements.

  2. Keep distance from screens at night at least 1 hr before sleep.

  3. Have some milk before going to sleep.

  4. You can have a bath also before going to bed.

  5. Wear light or no clothes for sleeping.

  6. Take long breaths for 5 minutes before going to sleep with the correct posture.

  7. Work with a healthy posture throughout the day. A poor posture may lead to back or neck pain which affects sleep.

  8. Maintain temperature less than 29 degrees celsius in the room at the time of sleeping.

  9. Try increasing an hour or so in your sleep by either going to bed early or waking up late.

  10. Stop consuming alcohol.

  11. Don’t workout at night. Instead, do an early morning workout that will make you feel tired at night.

Although there is no medical cure for diabetes, we also know that the nature around us is yet to be explored and full of mysteries and miracles. So, why not give them a try. When we know the root cause of the problem, then undoing them has a possibility of undoing the health problem also. Why spend so much money on inorganic medicines when organic treatment is also available.

Thanks for giving us your time. If this is useful, do share it with all those who are connected to you.

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