Immunity Redefined| This Special Juice Can Boost Your Immunity

sea buckthorn immunity vs pathogens

Pandemics, like Covid-19, show us the pros of strong Immunity built by a nutritious diet and workouts in our life, and how pure and healthy fruits like Sea Buckthorn berry nourishes our body and gives our immunity a boost for any future pandemics and problems. Also, We have started to realize that what we used to think was being over-cautious was actually a better option to stay healthy. This page will explain to you how ignoring immunity can make you a zero from a hero, and how the Sea Buckthorn Juice can help in boosting the Immunity with time.

Overview | Immunity & Immune System

We use the word immunity all the time in our life, but have we really imagined any time regarding its activities and its generation? So here, we are assisting you by providing the best possible picture of Immunity.


It is the ability of a body to retaliate against a pathogen attack or infection in the body and finish off their traces. It is a natural tendency of organisms which they derive from the genes. Some Organisms have stronger immunity while some have weaker. To live, the pathogens attack an organism’s cells for their appetite. As they invade, our Immune System detects their presence and starts producing antibodies in neutralize them and remove their every trace from the body.

sea buckthorn immunity prevention
Immunity stopping the pathogens to enter our system.

Important Task of Immune System

The System of Organism’s parts constitutes the Immune System that detects the presence of foreign organisms in any region of the body. The immune system is extended throughout the body by the blood, liver, mucous in the nasal tract, thyroid gland that detects foreign microbes and their genetic information, then produce the antibodies and transfer them to the required location. If they defeat them, we stay active and healthy.

But if the war is not finishing, our brain senses the stress in the body and releases certain chemicals to increase body temperature that makes us fall for sleep in fever. In the background, all energy is used to increase the production of antibodies to kill the pathogens in the body. That’s the working of the Immune system.


Here are some findings regarding we are having a weak immune system.

  1. As the world has transformed from offline activities to online activities, people have stopped paying attention to their physique, their mental state, and most importantly, their nutrition.

    Online Lifestyle

  2. Due to increased exposure to screens and electronic devices, the hypothalamus of our brain has become less sensitive now, and as a result of this, we don’t get notified by our senses for hunger or thirst or anything else.

    screens lead to poor sleep cycle

  3. Every year, the average sleep cycle of the people of every country is found to have decreased. Less sleep keeps the body intoxicated, tired and unhealed.

    tired and exhausted due to sleeplessness

  4. Strands in genes derived from the previous generation can also be the reason for weak immunity. So yes, it can be a genetic problem also.

    dna strands also decide immunity

  5. Regular consumption of alcohol and smoking also make you a patient of a weak immune system. So yes, it can be a case that alcoholism is eliteness but it is not a healthy lifestyle.

    alcohol kills immunity

  6. It can be also an outcome of a major surgery of Liver, Pancreas, or Thyroid, etc.. The surgeries involve cutting of skin and entrance of foreign particles in extreme numbers that are hard for the immune system to fight with. Hence, we experience post-surgery weakness.

    surgery weakens immunity

  7. It can also be because of HIV-AIDS infection that works to weaken the immune system.

    hiv aids destroys immune system

Lacking complete nutrition and sleep, we feel short of energy throughout the day. We don’t communicate well, work well, and eat well in hope of getting these things done next time, but due to the same routine and lifestyle, the nutrition and the sleep are rarely completed.


When such improperness continues for a long time, it starts cutting antibody production in the body. Our exhausted body makes the functioning of every system in our body be it, digestive system, nervous system, or circulatory system, to slow down and work with inefficiencies. Everything gets affected by this. So gets the immune system.

sickness due to weak immunity
This is what happens when your body gives up due to repeated stress.

If the antibody production is decreased and the body lacks proper nutrition, then there are chances that :

  1. the body may not be able to defend against a pathogen attack, just like the Covid-19 attack that has literally lead to the collapse of the world economy and took lives of more than a million people around the world;
  2. the tissue repair does not take place correctly and this may lead to organ failure or even cancer,
  3. the wounds may not heal fast that may cause infections in the same region;
  4. we are vulnerable to many diseases and body impairments like Diabetes, HIV, etc.

If improper nutrition is continued for a long span, it may lead to critical nutrients deficiencies that may cause delayed repairing of body tissues, unhealthy skin, weak muscles across body, less active mind and shortness of stamina and endurance. If this problem is ignored, it can literally erase a large part of the human population from the planet.


signs of poor immunity
Signs of Poor Immunity

Check the duration between two body infections. If it is just a few months, then surely you have a weak immune system. If you get tired easily due to less stamina, it means you have been physically less active for very long. It can be a possibility that your immune system is at a risk and you may fall prey to any disease.


After discussing the lifestyle problems, we will now discuss the methods to rejuvenate our immunity.

personal hygiene word art
Personal hygiene is necessary for Good Immunity

1 . Maintaining Personal Hygiene

It is important because:

  1. If you pay most of your attention to personal hygiene indirectly, you are paying attention to your health, your body, and your mind.
  2. When the country borders are weak, then outsiders can easily enter and create a nuisance in the country. Personal hygiene is like Border Security. This helps your immune system to invest more time in dealing with microbes and pathogens inside the body.
  3. Bath daily, Wash your face, hands and feet as you enter your home. Cut your nails and hair regularly. Practice Nasal Irrigation frequently and spend some time to program your subconscious brain.

workout keeps body and immunity active
Workout keeps us strong

2. Plan Workout for yourself:

It is important because:

  1. Morning Workout is the most effective one. It provides energy boost till the afternoon hours, boosts the production of body tissues and cells, regulates blood pressure, stretches the stiff and hard muscles, and makes them softer.
  2. A person can either do a full-body workout every day, or he/she can divide the exercises according to the body regions and do them regularly every week. With time, sleep and hunger will improve and this will act as a building block of future immunity.
  3. You can also practice Surya Namaskar in the early morning sunlight, which is believed to increase strength, semen, improve the mind, and hence the age. Your routine decides how fast will you be able to boost immunity.

complete nutrition with sea buckthorn
Complete nutrition with Sea Buckthorn to strengthen Immunity.

3. Most Importantly, Proper Nutrition:

In the present scenario, the food we eat cannot complete our nutrition and we look at the other sources of nutrition.

But here, we have Sea buckthorn berries better than the health supplements. It is a fruit capable of completing your nutrient requirements that can improve your immunity in the long run. Sea Buckthorn is a berry orange-yellow in color, found in cold deserts around the globe in the tough climate that makes it so nutritious.

sea buckthorn gives complete nutrition
Sea Buckthorn has all nutrients to complete our nutrition.

The Sea buckthorn berries’ and juice’s attractive features responsible for boosting the immunity are:

  1. It is a rich source of antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols that lower the concentrations of toxins and oxygen radicals that in turn are found to lower the stamina and make us tiresome and in higher concentration, can even cause internal wounds. Regular intake of antioxidants from food is one of the checkpoints to ensure strong immunity in the long run.

  2. It has exceptionally high concentrations of Vitamin A, C, D that are important for fast tissue repairs in our body and also contribute towards a stronger immunity in the long run.

  3. It is rich in minerals like Zinc, Iron, Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium, Copper, etc. that regulates the blood flow in our body and produces antibodies. These minerals have the potential to make strong immunity in the coming future.

  4. It is a Chest of Proteins. Can you believe that this berry is found to have 18 types of amino acids(called proteins)? Proteins control the metabolism of a body, participate in joining muscles and bones. It is a must nutrient for Immunity.

These nutrients ensure the proper functioning of all body parts, repair of tissues, generation of antibodies. But remember, Perfect Immunity cannot be achieved in a night. A diet of complete nutrition can literally boost the process. Hence, the Sea Buckthorn Juice is believed to be a Boosting Tonic for Immunity. 

Do you know, the regular intake of this berry by the Tibetan Monks is the reason why they are able to live in a single cloth in crazy winters of a cold desert. The nourishment makes them stronger from inside and they don’t catch a cold, or hypothermia.

tibetan monks beating the cold
Tibetan Monks beating the Cold because of Sea Buckthorn

A Friendly Recommendation of Sea Buckthorn juice To Promote Your Immunity

Hence, we recommended such an amazing, full of potential Sea Buckthorn berry to improve your immunity. The juice is available in online markets easily.

sea buckthorn juice for stronger immunity and body
Sea Buckthorn juice is a potential fruit juice that can boost your immunity

Since it is a fruit juice, you don’t need to worry about:

  1. supplement chemicals because the nutrients in the juice exist in natural form and not in direct supplement form that can have a negative impact on digestive system enzymes in long run.
  2. Plus, the berries are grown in a 100% natural method away from civil works and pollution. The Sea Buckthorn juice is set to boost your health, your energy, and subsequently, give your immunity a boost in less time.

    And hence, we recommend you to try Sea Buckthorn Juice for two months to see a change in your livelihood.
This is your immunity after the boost from Sea Buckthorn

Above are the investments you can do in your life that guarantee to increase your efficiency, productivity and stamina, and keep it boosted for as long as you want. Remember, if you start taking the steps today, you will be stronger tomorrow as compared to today.

Thanks for giving us your time. Share this with your friends and family!

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