Protect Skin from UV Rays with Sea Buckthorn Oil

sea buckthorn oil fro skin

It has been very long since humans have seriously damaged the ozone layer and it will take considerable time to revive the ozone back. Till that time, extreme levels of UV rays will continue to exist around us throughout the day. Harmful effects of UV rays can be easily seen on drying up plants around us and even in the form of skin burns. This blog explains how UV rays aid microbial infections to damage our skin and in the end, how Sea Buckthorn Oil can help you in combat with UV rays.

Some Less Known facts about UV Rays

Below are some simple facts about UV rays explaining its importance and chancy nature together.

1. The healthy concentration of UV rays in the surroundings helps the skin to generate Vitamin D that is an ingredient for strong bones, better immunity, and happy living.

uv rays help in vitamin d synthesis
UV rays in lower count don’t harm the life on earth.

2. UV Rays are solely responsible for the food on this planet. The UV rays activate the chlorophyll in the leaves to initiate glucose production which is the ultimate food form for life on Earth.

photosynthesis in presence of uv rays
Photosynthesis is initiated by UV rays

3. But the extreme level presence of UV rays in our environment not only heats up the environment for life but also causes skin infections like rashes and sunburns over many regions in the body.

uv rays heat up the environment
UV rays are unpleasant when they heat up the environemnt.

4. UV Rays are termed as ionizing rays by the scientists and hence a long exposure of such ionizing rays over the skin can damage the cell DNA and RNA strands(the information about protein synthesis) and thus, may promote abnormal growth of cells which worsens to become cancer.

ionizing rays lead damage of dna and rna
UV rays are termed as ionizing rays that can damage DNA and RNA

How does the UV Rays catalyze the Skin Infections?

As the name suggests, the infections caused by some outside microorganisms called pathogens over certain regions of the skin are called skin infections. Now we will explain to you how your skin gets infected by pathogens and you get rashes or scars.

UV Rays have shorter Wavelength that keeps the temperature high
UV Rays have shorter Wavelength that keeps the temperature high

1. When the body experiences higher surrounding temperature than usual, it starts perspiration that ultimately lowers the body and skin temperature via evaporation.

perspiration leads to more skin infections
Perspiration increases the germs growth on the skin leading to more risk of skin infection.

2. Due to continuous perspiration, the sweat accumulates in certain regions on the skin and this becomes the growing ground of bacteria and other microbes that tend to attack the skin.

sweat on skin more microbial growth
More sweat provides more moisture to Microbial growth.

3. When the microbial power becomes sufficiently strong, it starts making its influence on the skin, and we see a change in the color of skin in that region.

skin infection discoloration
Skin discoloration as a result of an infection.

4. The least harmful and short span infection is skin rash of red color. The long span skin infection is called a scar that is formed due to damaged skin tissue. 

This is why the skin rashes are irritating.

skin rashes due to more microbial growth in the region
Skin rashes are common in summers due to more sweat, more microbes.

The skin rash makes us uncomfortable in higher temperatures. It becomes redder and causes unbearable itching and burning sensation. Because of this, it requires the application of cool and endothermic substances with antiseptic properties that keep the temperature of the region lower and help in sweeping the microbes out of the region. 

UV Rays speed up Aging also

UV Rays cause Skin Aging
UV rays are responsible for fast aging of our body.

We earlier discussed that UV Rays are ionizing rays that tend to change the RNA of the skin cells that affect the proper protein synthesis for cellular metabolism and promote abnormal growth of skin cells.

1. Exposure of the skin to UV rays for a longer duration also lowers the production and repair of skin cells that is the ultimate cause of fast aging of the skin. Due to this, the skin lining gets thin and wrinkled with time.

2. Also, these radiations are responsible for the degradation of collagen and improper modification of elastin promoting skin aging.

3. With time, we see that our skin loses its shine, hydration tendency, loss of hair that makes us bald, and these are some of the signs of fast aging.

Too much UV radiations cause Skin Cancer

skin Cancer cell treat with sea buckthorn oil
UV rays damage the cell’s DNA and RNA causing different mutation.

In a rare case, the UV rays termed as ionizing rays, break the existing strand in DNA and RNA into a totally different form. As a result of this, the cells that possess such damaged DNA and RNA are found to show abnormal reproduction, multiplying faster than the existing rate of production of cells. Such a condition is termed skin cancer. In some cases, the Immune System is unable to kill such abnormal cells making the condition more serious. 

This is how Sea Buckthorn Oil protects us from UV Radiations

This berry is blessed by the dry climate and harsh terrain of the Ladakh-Tibet region that makes it rich in nutrients for dealing with skin problems. 

Source of rare Omegas 

best omega source is sea buckthorn
Omega 3, 6, 7, 9 are available in Sea buckthorn oil alone

Sea Buckthorn berry is found to have Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 making it one of the rarest cases where all the important omegas are found together in a single berry.

  1. These Omega acids keep the skin hydrated and healthy and suppress the aging to a great extent. 
  2. When such oils are used on the skin, they improve the epidermal tissue, the outermost layer of the skin, fit to fight the outside’s harshness. 

The King of Proteins 

Proteins help in skin shine cleanliness
Proteins enhance the metabolism necessary to produce new skin cells.

The berry oil is a rich source of proteins comprising of 18 types of amino acids including Lipoproteins.

  1. Together they rejuvenate the blood vessels associated with skins helping the skin to breathe properly with oxygenated blood. 
  2. This helps in producing more antibodies to fight the microbes at a location where the oil is used. 
  3. The proteins keep the metabolism active that not only makes good immunity in the long term but also keeps the cellular spaces and the blood vessels clean. 
  4. They also help in preserving the elasticity of the skin by reconstituting the elastin protein of the skin cells. 

Vital because of Vitamins 

sea buckthorn oil rich in vitamins good for skin
Sea Buckthorn is rich in Vitamin C, A, D good for healthy skin

Sea Buckthorn berries have abundant storage of Vitamins like A and C necessary for healthy, hydrated, and strong skin. 

  1. These vitamins are the building blocks for skin cells to the site for improving the production and repair of damaged cells helping in treating the scars
  2. With time, vitamin C rejuvenates the immune system with minerals to boost the production of antibodies at the site required. 
  3. They also aid in releasing the stress due to accumulated toxins by filtering them out. 

A Mine of Minerals 

Minerals from sea buckthorn oil
Minerals are building blocks of a healthy skin.

The berries are a blessing to us from mother nature that makes them a rich source of minerals like Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Magnesium, etc. necessary for toxin elimination from the body, production, and repair of cells.

Minerals like zinc are also used in sunscreen lotions for their protecting properties from UV rays. 

Favorable for Antioxidants 

sea buckthorn oil antioxidants
Antioxidants are a secret to healthy skin

The berries also contain flavonoids, polyphenols that have antioxidant properties. 

  1. These compounds help in absorbing the toxins and oxidant free radicals and make their way out of the body.
  2. This lowers the stress over the immune system and rejuvenates it in long term. 

Some More Facts that make Sea Buckthorn Oil special for Skin

sea buckthorn plant
Sea Buckthorn plant: one solution to all health problems of mankind.

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The studies around the globe in the best institutions like the National Institute of Health suggest that our skin will no longer be vulnerable to problems like scars and discolorations, acne, baldness, skin aging, and skin infections once we include Sea buckthorn oil in our skincare routine.

Sea Buckthorn is known to treat skin problems.

1. Its scientific name is Hippophae Rhamnoides meaning Berries for skin like a shining Horse.

Disaster proved that Atomic Energy is most dangerous and least friendly energy source.

2. Its miraculous powers made it eligible for application on the skins of the victims of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster helping them to heal fast from the radiation burns

This oil has the potential to revive back your skin and make it cheerful again. 

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