Sea Buckthorn Benefits: How To Complete Nutrition in 2020

A typical Sea Buckthorn Bush

Can Sea Buckthorn plant have so much nutritional content such that it can be a complete nutrition at a time for organisms like humans? This page will explain using data from research papers, how Sea Buckthorn is a solution to modern problems of lack of nutrition in our diet and how being an active source of vitamins and proteins, it can help in dealing with emerging health issues by boosting our Immunity.

Today, we are moving through the black days of humanity, where the food we eat lacks sufficient nutrition, the air we breathe is polluted, and the water we drink has toxins in it. At this peak hour, we search for some solution. Do you know about Sea Buckthorn fruit? And if you really know, do you know why it is called a super fruit or a miracle berry around the globe? This page will clear all your doubts regarding proper nutrition and why sea buckthorn is your ultimate need.

Let’s discuss the problem first!

pollutions causing sickness
This is how we get intoxicated

Intoxicated Agriculture Problems vs. 100% Organic Sea Buckthorn

modern agriculture vs. sea buckthorn vegetation
Modern Agriculture vs. Sea Buckthorn Culture

Modern agriculture involves the usage of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and manures for agriculture. All these blocks of agriculture together with the acid rain create a pool of toxic chemicals like Arsenic, Titanium, Lead, Fluorine, DDT, etc. in the soil where the crops(our future food) grow.

  1. According to governmental researches, in most developing countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh; farming soil up to the depth of 20 feet is hazardously polluted. But with the current demand for food, you can’t leave that land unfertilized.

  2. These toxins have become a part of our food chain. Due to the animal feed, they are in animal’s meat and hence, in the food we eat. These toxins then either get deposited in our body in the form of any stable precipitate or start reacting with our system.

  3. This ultimately increases the number of oxidants or free radicals in our body, and we feel exhausted or tired too soon(or all the time).

  4. All this affects our fitness and kills our stamina. And this has psychological impacts when we miss our goals and are left with uncompleted tasks.

  5. Coming to Sea Buckthorn, this plant grows in the region mentioned below that are considered to have the least pollution, plus the plant is not fed with fertilizers and irrigation by water. It is allowed to grow naturally, wildly with little or no human aid. This means that its berries are meant to nourish all, who feed upon it.

  6. It’s like the seeds are sown and the plant is then left to grow on its own.

Due to such defects in modern agriculture practices, our crops lack sufficient nutrients that make us vulnerable to many health problems like Diabetes, Heart diseases, Abnormal growth of cells, Critical deficiency of Vitamins, Dull skin, and many other health complications.

The Only way to Say Bye-Bye to the health issues is Sea Buckthorn

Complete nutrition on daily basis is a building block for a long-term boosted Immunity. This page will tell you how regular and adequate intake of Sea Buckthorn dietary supplements promote better Immunity for the future. We should note that before Pollution and Agricultural problems came into existence, the below mentioned health issues had negligible existence:

  1. Glucose level Problem(Diabetes)

  2. Abnormal Growth of cells(Cancer)

  3. Cervical pain and strain

  4. Skin and Hair Problems

  5. Heart Problems


These Health Problems/Diseases Exist Because of Loss Of Appetite

All the above problems arise due to improper diet or with age due to nutrient deficiencies in a person. The Major population of the world is going through a loss of appetite that arises as a result of vitamin B deficiencies and, due to that, they can’t eat that much food that can complete their nutrient requirement. Till 2000, the appetite of people was sufficiently high to complete all the nutrients their body needs. But now, the organs are not able to acquire the necessary amount of nutrients from the food. With the passage of time, various types of health problems start developing inside the body that we call diseases.

Now comes the part, Why Sea Buckthorn plant is a miracle for lives on earth.

Incredible Treasury Of Nutrients: Sea Buckthorn

This is why Sea Buckthorn is a complete nutrition

Let me share with you a glimpse of the nutritional content of Sea Buckthorn berry.

ORAC Value Of Whopping 70,000- Very Rare Case of Sea Buckthorn

The Chart compares ORAC values of different.

Firstly, ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, which is the measure of capacity to provide antioxidants to absorb all the oxygen radicals produced as a result of pollution or waste of the body. Secondly, this shiny orange berry’s pulp is rich in polyphenols, flavonoids, tocopherols that constitute the army of antioxidants for our system.

Rich in Micro and Macronutrients

Sea Buckthorn Berry Miraculously contains various minerals.

pH level has a lot of significance in the process of digestion, transfer of nerve impulse, blood circulation, etc. The berries contain macronutrients like Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium that are required for the proper functioning of our nervous system and micronutrients like Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Nickel that play important role in Oxygenation and Deoxygenation of the blood. These minerals have some pH level associated with them wherever they are present inside the body.

Warehouse of Vitamins

Sea Buckthorn also includes all Vitamins!

The fruit stands with boldness after being the richest source of Vitamins (C, A, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, K1 and D) that are necessary for growth, development and repair of tissues throughout the body, activeness of brain and metabolism. Surprisingly, Indian and Chinese Sea Buckthorn berries are found to have 15 times more Vitamin C than Orange and 3 times more Vitamin A than carrot, when both taken in same volume.

Eureka Omega!

Some Benefits Of Omega oils that are abundant in Sea Buckthorn Berry

It is a rare case that these Berries are also a good source of Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 that are necessary for healthy hydrated skin, strong and shiny hair, healthy joints, perfect heart functioning and proper bowel movement. You seek different sources like flaxseeds, cod liver oil, dry fruits, nuts for them. And here stands Sea Buckthorn-The One Berry Army of Omegas.

Natural Protein King is Sea Buckthorn

The pulp of berries is found to have more than 18 different types of essential and non-essential amino acids that are also called Proteins. Proteins are necessary for formation of Cartilages, Bones, Muscles, Blood, etc. They prepare enzymes, hormones, etc. for important metabolisms in our body.

Including these compounds and anti-depression amino acid 5-HTP(to clarify, it helps in controlling stress levels also), it has a total of 190 Biologically Active Compounds that prevent side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. This makes it a miracle berry. Just think for a second, if such a berry is available to you, and you start including it in your diet. Don’t you think there will be a complete change in your behavior, body, mind and personality in the duration of a month taking a nutritious diet?

Sea Buckthorn Berry’s History

sea buckthorn history
Let’s begin the chapter of Sea Buckthorn’s History

Sea Buckthorn is a shrub, bushy plant growing predominantly in cold desert regions of Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia and Asia Minor, Siberia, Mongolia, China and India. It is a berry bitter and sour in taste and having a delicate aroma resembling to pineapple. Therefore, it is also known as Siberian Pineapple in many places. In such a harsh condition of -40 to +40℃ in dry weather plus its specially complex and deep root system makes essential nutrients available for the plant in abundance. Some interesting facts about sea buckthorn berry are:

Sea buckthorn gets its Latin name from Shiny fur of Horses, which was a result of feeding on Sea buckthorn berries. Its Latin name is Hippophae Rhamnoides L.

Sea Buckthorn is known to treat skin problems.

Sea Buckthorn’s most recent mention is found in the Tibetan cultural book of the 18th century “Sibu Yidian” which describes its health benefits and application methods.

Sibu Yidan- Tibetan Text mentions Sea Buckthorn.
Sibu Yidan- Tibetan Text mentions Sea Buckthorn as Exotic Berry capable of making humans eternal.

It is, nowadays, used widely along hills to prevent soil erosion along the slopes in cold desert regions.

Complex Roots System makes Sea Buckthorn plant a favourable choice for soil erosion prevention.

Changez Khan, the Mongolian emperor used to feed his army men and horses with sea buckthorn for boosting their stamina and strength in long battles across Asia.

Changez Khan and his army going for war after having meals with Sea buckthorn

In the 1980s, the Soviet Space Program included Sea buckthorn in Cosmonauts’ diet to help them beat the radiations.

Sea Buckthorn prevents ill effects of cosmic radiations.

Moreover, during the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, it was used on burnt patients, for healing their skins.

Disaster proved that Atomic Energy is most dangerous and least friendly energy source.

Sea Buckthorn has continuously been in the diet of Chinese Olympic players and in 2008, it was the national drink of China.

Sea Buckthorn has been a constituent of diet of many athletes across the globe.


Most importantly, it is a special category of plant of which all parts are used for some kind of medicine or otherwise.

Plant-fruit, Leaves, Bark, Thorn, Roots, all are of some or other medicinal uses. Regards Sea buckthorn

Natural Dietary Supplements of Sea Buckthorn are need of the hour

Sea Buckthorn Juice and Oil are the dietary supplements that complete our nutrition.

Now we know the nutritive profile of Sea Buckthorn berries. Its adequate and regular intake assures that our diet is balanced and complete. As a result, our subconscious mind is programmed to be happy and fit. We live a satisfied and happy life that keeps all the health problems away from us. These minute points make our life healthier and happier.

Thanks for giving us your time. If this is useful, do share it with all those who are connected to you.

Link to Nutritional profile of Sea Buckthorn Berry: US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health :Abundance of Active Ingredients in Sea Buckthorn

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