Sleeplessness Overview| Improve Your Sleep with This Unique Juice

sleeplessness causes treatment with sea buckthorn juice

As the world is demanding more results and more productivity from us, we have started being a bit careless towards our health. And more importantly, it is affecting our sleep cycle. The healthier society, in less time, is becoming a sleep-deprived society. Sleeplessness kills our productivity, makes us nutrient deficient and vulnerable to many health risks.  To revive ourselves back, mother nature has blessed the Humanity with Sea Buckthorn berry. This blog tells you how sea buckthorn berry aids us in improving our sleep. 

But first let’s look deeper into the problem. 


We are not able to have a sound sleep many times due to many causes like- 

  1. Competitiveness and Stressful Work Lifestyle:  
work pressure and multitasking nature
The modern world demands maximum results that are achieved with the help of Multitasking nature.

-Post-Industrial Revolution-era lead to the emergence of many companies around the world, each willing to capture the other’s market share.

-Such a competition demands more output from the employees and to fulfill the expectations, they overlook their health and hence, their sleep! 

-Everyone wants to sleep less but work more.

  1. Having a poor posture throughout the day:

wrong posture leads to muscle straining that effects the sleep
Wrong posture of back and neck can lead to strains which affect the quality of sleep.

-When you work with a wrong posture throughout the day, it leads to stretching of certain muscles near to the strained part, and the swelling needs warm presses before going to sleep.

-Ultimately, it pains at the time of sleep and hampers a sound sleep.


  1. Overeating in Dinner: 

overeating affects the quality of sleep
Overeating increases the duration of sleep.

-Our body spends some amount of energy to digest the food.

-Depending on the quality and quantity of food, the amount of energy is also decided.

-Hence, when we eat a lot, we require more time and energy to digest the food.

-That’s why feel drowsy in the morning after a heavy dinner night!

  1. Sleep suppressing nature of drugs/treatment: 

various drugs also cause sleeplessness
Various drugs suppress the production of Melatonin and cause sleeplessness

-Many types of drugs like- 

1. Sertraline 

2. Ritalin 

3. Lexapro 

4. Kratom 

5. Xanax 

6. Prednisone, 

7. Various Chemotherapeutic drugs that play a crucial role in killing certain microbes/ or pathogens in our body or are increasing the production of antibodies.

-These drugs suppress the production of sleep causing hormones like melatonin, and we feel sleepless throughout the treatment.

  1. Breathing disorders like Sleep Apnea:

sleep apnea does not let you take full nap
Sleep apnea breaks your sleep many times throughout the night.

-It is a breathing disorder that arises due to overweight or improper orientation of various component in the nasal tract.

-As a result, the breathing tract of the sleeping person chokes any time during the sleep due to which he can’t breathe properly and his/her sleep disrupts.

  1. Improper Secretions from Thyroxin Gland:

thyroxin is an important hormone for metabolism
Thyroxin hormone is important for body metabolism, conversion of food into energy and spending of energy in various processes.

In the conditions of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, where the thyroxin secretions are higher or lower than the usual, results in unusual functioning of the metabolism and as a result of it, we either find it difficult to sleep or we find it difficult to wake up. 

  1. Exciting sentiments: 

insomnia is due to adrenaline
Certain hormones suppress the action of Melatonin and we can’t have sleep.

Sometimes, simpler causes like weather change or natural causes like the beginning of menstrual flow or menopause also affect the concentration of Adrenaline, Dopamine, and Melatonin hormones in our blood and we don’t feel sleepy. This is a condition called Insomnia

  1. Too much Blue Light Exposure: 

too much blue light exposure causes eye straining which affects the quality of sleep.
Blue light screens put brain in action mode that suppresses the sleep.

When eyes are overexposed to blue lights, it leads to eye-straining and causes stress to optic as well as some other internal brain nerves. Ultimately, it causes morning eye dryness and we don’t feel like waking up.



This Leads to many unethical day-to-day experiences and harms us in the long run as- 

  1. We become short-tempered. We get angry, worried, excited too quickly and that decreases the essence of our professional life. Rough behavior leads to the destruction of relations with not only the colleagues but also with our relatives. and develops a communication gap. 
short of sleep makes you short temper
Short of sleep makes your short temper that is one sign of fast aging as well.

  1. Slowly, we find it difficult to make quick decisions and feel less energetic to do physical activities like jumping or stretching the body. All these signs signify that our brain is slowly getting jammed due to sleeping less and we may fall prey to disorders like Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, Dementia, Fast Aging, etc… 
Brain jam is also similar to this.
Actual Brain jam is similar to this where the brain is not working.

  1. Although, eating more sugars has a bad impact on sleep, but when we are short of sleep, we desire to have more and more sugars due to brain disfunction because they help in falling asleep anytime in the day. So, it can lead to an increase in blood sugar level and may cause diabetes, when the production of insulin is also affected due to less sleep. 
Short of sleep makes you attracted towards Sweets and Sugars.
Short of sleep makes you attracted towards Sweets and Sugars.

  1. Less sleeps leads to weak muscles, delayed cell and tissue repairs that affect the development and metabolism of the body. Studies suggest that essential proteins from the food are absorbed in the intestines only when we sleep early. Hence, make sure your children, who are in the development stage are going to bed before 11 pm(in India) and you also are going to bed asap! 
weak muscles and body due to less sleep
Less sleep causes weakness and weakens the muscles in long run.

  1. Eye strain, one of the factors of poor sleep, worsens when we are short of sleep. We find it hard to look into the sunlight, and we feel an urge to stop watching the screens and have a nap. 
eye straining so hard
Less sleep and long duration of work on screens makes eye straining worse.

  1. Sleep accompanies some of the essential processes to clean the blood, gut and the whole body. Improper sleep causes the toxins and dead cells to accumulate inside our body and hamper development processes throughout the day time. Also, sleep charges our body with energy. So, no energy drink will work better than a sound sleep.
blood and body cleaning happen during sleep.
Blood and Body cleanup happens during sleep with full efficiency.

  1. In the long run, you are being careless towards many body processes due to which you will experience fast aging of your body. You will become bald, have uncolored hair, less stamina and a slow brain- all signs of an elderly person too soon due to fast aging. 
fast aging due to less sleep
Fast aging due to less sleep in a long run.

Understand, Sleep is as precious as Work!

Every year, the data from the health institutions of various countries report that the average sleep cycle of a country is found to have decreased.
To keep your country alive in the competitive world, you have to do your duty with full productivity, efficiency and competency. 
We, hereby, are sharing the best way to have a sound sleep. 

sleep is precious
Sleep is so precious because it controls your well-being.


Completing the nutrition is necessary to bounce back from all ailments and disorders, be it the sleeping or mental one, in this era. But in search of complete nutrition from a single food, we come across a variety of fruits, vegetables and even meats and none of the options can complete our nutrition single-handedly. 

Sea Buckthorn- the miracle berry to improve sleep
Sea Buckthorn: a plant to complete nutrition and improve sleep cycle.

But do you know about Sea Buckthorn berry? If you don’t, the below information is for you.
Sea Buckthorn berry is capable of giving you Complete Nutrition alone. You can find its reference in the enlightening Tibetan texts. This will eventually help you in having a better sleep. Allow us to tell you how- 

1. Sea Buckthorn berries are rich in minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, etc… 

Minerals are essential for good sleep
Minerals are essential fro proper sleep

-These nutrients together work to relieve the brain, produce the hormone melatonin to cause sleep, and also aid the repair of cells and tissues and removal of toxins and waste from their generation site. 

-As the toxin goes out, your sleep quality will improve consequently. 

2. Sea Buckthorn berry is literally, the greatest source of Vitamin C, B, A, D and E.

vitamins are essential for sleepp
Vitamins help in the development of the body and provide us with sound sleep.

-They are important in making way of minerals like Calcium to reach bones and other sites, aid in cell and tissue repairs, production of white blood cells and formation of mood-changing hormones like Adrenaline, Dopamine and Melatonin

-They help in healing the strains in the body fast and this ultimately helps to get a relaxing sleep.

3. 18 types of amino acid proteins are found in Sea Buckthorn berry.

proteins crucial role in metabolism
Proteins play crucial role in Metabolic activities in cell.

-Proteins are believed to be controllers of metabolism that is responsible for the utilization of sugars in cellular works, repairs and development. 

-Also, many proteins like Glycine and Theanine help in slowing down the brain activity at night which results in quick sleep.

That’s sufficient nutrition from the diet for a sound sleep.
So yes, we confidently suggest to you. Try Sea Buckthorn. Include it in your diet for a trial time period and observe the positivity in your sleep quality. Since it is grown 100% organically, so you don’t need to worry about pesticides and fertilizers. 


Coming to a proper sleep cycle, it is also possible when we start managing our time wisely. Below are some tips that ensure healthy sleep. 

  1. Forbid eating sweets and sugars. The basic food already includes enough sugar for body requirements. 
  1. Keep distance from screens at night at least 1 hour before sleep. 
  1. Have some milk before going to sleep. 
  1. You can have a bath also before going to bed. 
  1. Wear light or no clothes for sleeping. 
  1. Wash your eyes, feet and take deep breaths for 5 minutes before going to sleep with the correct posture. 
  1. Work with a healthy posture throughout the day. A poor posture may lead to back or neck pain which affects the sleep. 
  1. Maintain a temperature of less than 29 degrees Celsius in the room at the time of sleeping. 
  1. Try increasing an hour or so in your sleep by either going to bed early or waking up late. 
  1. Stop consuming alcohol, tobacco and smoking. 
  1. Don’t work out at night. Instead, do an early morning workout that will make you feel tired till night for good sleep. 
  1. Position your Sleeping such that your head is pointing to the East direction. Your blood flow will not be influenced much by the Earth’s Magnetic fields.

In the end, one quotation to begin or end your day with-

“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Thanks for giving us your time, do share it with the needy ones.

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